Rufscript, new font released

Partial Screen Shot of with rufscript as font, in firefox. For more screen shots see here.

Making a font from others handwriting is more to experiment than fun. And what it made so thrill is that, all the glyphs for making of the font are captured from her note book, without her knowledge. My K750 worked as the capturing machine. The font is licensed under GNU GPL version 3 + Font Exception.

Here is the font as ttf and here is its source sfd.

The font is compiled and designed in the latest stable version of fontforge, (20080927, available as tarball at sourceforge).I remember Steve of freefont saying that the sfd created by new version fontforge is  unreadable to its older versions.

Specifications :

Font Name – Rufscript
Emsize – 2048
Acent : Decent value – 1639 : 409
Contains – Unicode Rage Basic Latin [95/95]
Tools used – Fontforge, Inkscape, GIMP, gedit

Thanks list :

  • Lithu, whose handwriting is now turned into this font, for writing notes in class hours.
  • Hussain K H and Suresh P, who made me a font designer.
  • Classmates specially Kiran, Sheen, Lalu and Chinnu who were so eager to see the font completed.
  • To friends in FOSS, specially anivar, who used the alpha version rufscript to design his blog.
  • IRC channels mates at  #smc-project, #fedora-art, ##fonts (all in freenode).
  • Niyam, Rahul Bhalerao who loved this work and suggested many modifications.
  • To Sony Ericsson for providing a wonderful mobile camera and DELL for the laptop I am using.

Wanna your handwriting to decorate your computer – for very hadwritting font contact me!

PS : I love to make the deb / rpm package of it, should I or will someone?


  1. Naveen

    Looks Great! 🙂

  2. admin

    @sankarshan, i am trying. just lagging due to tight exam schedule

    @mizmo, thanks for putting a post on the font and adding to fedora wish list

    @lithu, 🙂

    @alexandre, well, i am not against using ofl, what i support is freedom and i like the gpl license. hence i used that. if its a need we could make it dual licensed, 🙂 happy?

    @others thanks a ton!!!

  3. hiran

    @rahul sundaram, thanks for making the rpm
    @andrew, thanks for the deb package
    @pramode sir, thanks a ton for posting about the font

    I am really surprised for the reactions I am getting. 🙂 Feels thrilled!

  4. hiran

    +font exception, praveen 🙂 we all are gpl v3 guys..

    actually there is a story.. how i came to free software.. i was 11th standard, it was from my sisters friend, who is a student of pramode sir, i got a game called icebreaker… was for windows, and along with the setup it contained another folder named src which contained the source code in c and the gpl license. Reading that file (as those c files was not “readable” for me) made to to think of gnu/linux and becoming a free software guy! So this is my time give something back to that license!

    others, thanks!

  5. hiran

    @ Andreas Wenning

    There is no requirement of a fork, i will soon make version control repo. Any one who is interested to design more glyphs can work over the font. Actually, I don’t know which are the most required Latin glyphs other than this 95 I have designed. Tell me I will work on them!

    I am feeling excited, really am excited and thrilled over the reception of font.
    Thanks for using them, thanks for posts about the font.
    Any suggestions are welcomed. and soon a project setup will be made for the fonts 🙂
    This reception is quite unexpected!

  6. rose

    gr888 work!!!!!

  7. DennisVJ

    Nice Fonts!

  8. Awesome man.. !! 🙂

  9. hiran

    @ Jinesh,
    Adding Malayalam to this font is like a comedy, it cannot be done. Adding another 1600 glyphs that too based on an English design, you wont love it. Instead I am working over a Malayalam handwriting pattern font, which may take time for the release. Its a secret, don’t share with others 🙂

    Thanks to all who bloged about and comment and is using the font. I have received the status of missing characters from these comment. I will look into it after having discussion with other font designing friends, sooner.

  10. hiran

    @Bisho, mail me the screenshot
    @Luc, please use the latest fontforge for getting the sfd workable. Old fontforge “wont” read the files by new.

  11. hiran

    It confuses me. are you playing with the same ? Its not having any issues. Well, try open the font using fontforge, that may work.

  12. hiran

    Thanks all! Thanks for the comments, the version with other glyphs will be made soon…

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