Deccan Chronicle / 28th Sept.

Social media observer Hiran Venugopalan says that what should be healthy discussions and debates often turn into mass abuse on social network. “Be it for politics or cinema, there’d be a mass attack to shut up individuals who don’t agree with them on social media. There is also a trend of commenting with propaganda. For instance, in Anna’s case, two people would comment, ‘you also look bad without makeup’, giving an impression that she had said something about Mammootty’s looks, whereas she didn’t speak a word about it. So a third person reading these two comments may come to the wrong conclusion,” he says. Observing the practice of superstars in Tamil Nadu, Hiran says they have all come out and apologised for such behaviours of fans. “Even Ajith who is not on social media said he is sorry. That is very appreciable. I expected Mohanlal to respond when Vineeth was being attacked. When Vineeth, as a young boy, was asked if he liked his actor-dad Sreenivasan or Mohanlal more, he had said ‘Lal uncle’.” – Deccan Chronicle / 28th Sept.

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