The final smile. . .

I was with Pramode sir and Sreejith for the workshop at Tharakans school Angadippuram on sunday and tuesday. The workshop was on GNU/Linux Phoenix and Python and it was conducted by the SSUG Malappuram on 29th April ’07 to 1st May ’07. Sreejith and his sister who was a teacher of the school did a great job on coordinating the program. It was for the first time that I attended a program on the scheduled time; probably because this is not the first time Sreejith and his sister are coordinating an event.

On the first day I reached to Angadippuram by Palakkad-Nilambur Road Express by 8am. Pramode sir and Kishore was in the same train. The railway station was one which made me to think that I had been there some time, later I got that it was the place where the malayalam film ‘krishnagudiyille prenayakaluthu‘ was taken.
Tharakan’s school is an aided school having a history of 100 years and the lab was having a 20+ system with Debian GNU/Linux installed. It was Jinesh and Sreejith who did that jobs, and from taking with the IT teacher, I went to know that the students are having already knowledge on GIMP and on GNU.

The first talk was by me, which was aimed to have small ethical apporch on free softwares and introduction to GUI and GIMP and Open By that time Mahesh and Aslam reached the place. The talk was just simple one for me since they had no questions or comments (as usual as in a professional college) but the response was much more heavy (ten times more than the Btech students). After giving an introduction we told them to ask some questions and the first question came – Whats Kernel?

After that the ‘GNU crew’ Pramode sir, Sreejith, Mahesh, Aslam and me started introducing system. Pramode sir told me that the girls may be low and to “be on that side”. But on my look to the screen I found a girl making use of a Script-fu 🙂

“They know more GIMP than me !”

I was shocked on seeing that. All my preserved recipes for the day was in their every day supper! Sreejith turned up with the commandline interface. The students did the job on commandline in much simple manner. It started with date, went to setleds and last they did some shell scripts too..They could simply do those stuff, Sreejith started planning even to have a RT based class there!
By noon Pramode sir along with Kishore turned to electronics and students where much interested.

When I reached there with Anivar on the third day, none had forgotten me.Well that was surprising! They where calling me GNUchettan (The term is GNU!). By that the smile on each face was quite surprising, than students the one in Pramode sir’s face and on Sreejith’s sister’s kid! The satisfaction of teaching was there on his face, which was for the first time I am seeing such a BIG smile his face!

Its Anivar making the child to work on The TUX Paint! I first feared that Anivar would add her to the tuxpaint mailing list and would give link to the TUX 4 Kids documentation when kid asked him some doubts on it. It was for the first time I am seeing Anivar teaching something to someone 🙂

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