Uttama Villain

Uttama Villain, 2015 : A stunning collage. It is bliss for every K. Balachander-Kamal Haasan fan to see them together on screen. Special mention to three scenes in movie, that shows the brilliance of screenplay and quality of the actors – Conversations between KB and Kamal, Kamal talking to his son and Urvashi’s small yet stunning performance at hospital.

Big claps to Urvashi, MS Baskar, Nassar and Aswin (who did role of Kamal’s son) for an amazing performance. Ghibran’s music does it’s magic again. Pooja Kumar and Andrea looks stunning, but performance was at par.

Sadly, Ramesh Aravind fails to conceive the sophisticated screen play written by Kamal Hassan. The multidimensional narration that talks about death and immortal in a very Kamal Haasan way had every ingredients to be a master piece like Apoorva Ragam or Nayagan.

PS : K. Balachander can be proud. As the title card says, no one can live and have a life like yours.

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