If you are one who thinks that love leads to a slow motion smile, which is followed with a song, a dance and a dozen ladies around dancing the same step - this movie is not for you. Annayum Rasoolum, the debut direction venture of Rajeev Ravi is a very simple and realistic romance drama.

Annayum Rasoolum

There is no big story. Its a one liner and very 'Romeo Juliet', which happens at Mattanchery, Vypin, Fort Kochi region. The heroine has less than 20 dialog, and the love actually happens in a silent mode, which is amazingly visualized. The dialog are spot refined and some shots are taken in Guerrilla film making mode. The way in which fights scenes and celebration scenes are taken needs a special applause they are natural, and well captured by Madhu Neelakantan. Breaking the standard "rich color visuals for love story" theory, director Rajeev Ravi used very natural and a bit dark tone for narrating the movie.

Annayum Rasoolum promotional poster

The casting of Annayum Rasoolum is perfect. Fahad performed amazingly as Resool while Andrea's Anna is possibly the best debut she can have to any language movies. Sunny Wayne did an excellent job. The casting includes five directors from Malayalam movie industry - Ranjith, P. Balachandran, Aashiq Abu, Joy Mathew and M.G. Sasi. Everyone did their part amazingly. New faces Shine Tom Chacko and Soubin Shahir who acted as Resool's friend did a stunning performance and proved them as actors to look out for. The only failure in casting is lady, who plays shuttle or walks in almost all Fort Kochi frames (Anglo Indian Frames). Songs composed by K, written by Anwar Ali and Rafeeq Thiruvallur makes the movie too region specific and supports the narration.

The movie is lengthy, its near to 3 hours, which is not that common in Malayalam movies these days. But those are not "dragging", but "lagging" that the narration demands.

Reach theater at least half hour before the show, be relaxed, be calm, hear some good music and enjoy the romance - then the movie will be a treat, the best way to start New Year Movie Madness!

Pro : The simplicity, naturalism, the way its narrated, effective casting, performance, Fahad, Edits.

Con : 3 hour, the audience comments.